The Mitchell Pavilion Expansion 2009


The Real Mitchell Center Opens.

In September of 2008 I I was asked by Mr. Mitchell’s office, would I be available to design an expanded roof for the Pavilion. I said yes. Four days later hurricane Ike hit the Woodlands with an intensity way above design loads, ripping the 20 year old fabric membrane. The project became a super-fast fast-track project. The photos on this page show that it was ready for the opening. The attached <Mitchell Pavilion Gallery> shows images from the 25 year first design, the 1990 Pavilion, the stretch fabric model, construction, to the completed structure. The page called <My Story of the Mitchell Pavilion> describes the evolution from my perspective. This is my latest if not my last project. As was always my goal, I used engineering to design it.

Opening Night Crowd

under the new roof

May 1, 2009

Opening Night, 6,300 people under the roof, 1600 total